Monday, June 17, 2013

New swim suit for my picky 8 year old.

Note to self when packing up a swim suit make sure you have all the pieces in one box. I have been searching for the bottoms to her suit as the summer days heat up by 830 am. Well after weeks of looking through boxes and boxes, I'm giving up and trying my hand at making one. So I sat down and traced a pair of her undies, made  a mock-up and did a fitting. The first mock-up was too short in back area with her crack showing. From there I made a better pattern with a new mock-up which fit great! Now it's time to cut and sew the real thing from swim suit/ dance wear fabric in neon green. It's doesn't look like neon green with the web cam, but it is (I so need my camera back.)

This goes back to packing things that go together in one box, one day I will learn my lesson (Battery charger and battery go together).  So the first try in the swim suit material needs to be fix the elastic is too loose and back to the sewing machine I go!

So this is the swimsuit bottom before I fix it. Once I get the elastic pulled off I will redo it and update the post.

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