Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maybe a Name Change!!!!!

I am sitting at my desk and looking over the beginning of my portfolio and realised the designs I have decided on do not go with my philosophy statement, so I am wondering if I should change the name of my line? What do you think keep Simply Kids' or change it to one of the following? I think changing  my philosophy statement in order then too.

My name ideas:
1. Designs by T.Marie
2. Fashionable Kids
3. T's Designs
Does anyone have name ideas that work? Please let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Done!!!!!!!! The dress that is.

So I finished the dress with the bustle pad last night. It is so cute, however my daughter doesn't like the bustle.

 The back of the dress with the bustle attached. I like how the fabric pops out of the over skirt. When she wore the dress the bustle stood out to give the desired effect.
 The dress without the over skirt and the geese ( aren't they just adorable? The geese and the dress of course!) This is the bustle pad with Velcro to hold it to the dress. The next picture is the bustle attached to the back of the dress at waistline.  I know the bustle pad is not correct to its history however it makes a wonderful addition to the under skirt.

Another picture of the dress without the over skirt. I really liked how this turned out and can't wait for my daughter to wear it around the Aquarium tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sketch to dress

OK first I will show you the sketch of the dress in the original fabrics. (I am waiting for the emails to come through from my phone.) I found a bright almost neon green fabric which goes well with the leopard print. So the bodice is made of the leopard print and the under skirt and the bustle are green. I am still working out the details of the bustle, but I know its going to be tulle covered by the green fabric. This way it is not an itch-y and uncomfortable for the little princess.  I will have better pictures when I get home and can use my camera instead of my phone. 
My next project is screen printing on t-shirts that I have in mind. While at my mother- in-law's I took a great picture of the new pine cones growing in her front yard (it is a beautiful blend of colors.) I think with accenting glitter it will be a wonderful t-shirt of course this would be for a girl. Now I just need to come up with an idea for a great little boy. 
Sorry this took so long, I have had a few family issues since I started this post.  I will have a picture of the finished dress in a few days.