Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Box pleated skirt!

Here is my first box pleated skirt, I just like the way it fits my daughter and can't wait to make one for my niece. I found this pattern on the site called and it is free if you want to give it a try. I was having a hard time getting my pleated design to work, so I went looking for one to make to figure out what I am doing wrong. For her pattern you have to cut each piece and sew them together to make the pleats. For my pattern I was not making my pleat uniform in size, so I kept messing it up. When you have an impatient daughter it can get a little stressful. ( This could be why I sew when they are asleep or not around me.)
 I love her pattern but not the waist band, so I changed it. Instead of a thin elastic waist band, I had a ex-large elastic skirt band laying around..... Well I loved that look. I will take better pictures when I get a chance tomorrow, after I finish with work. I have a temp job taking care of some really great kids. I'll miss spending time with them once school starts.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby shower was fun plus more sheets!

The baby shower was a hit! My niece will be clothed until she is 6 months old. I'm sad and happy about that, was hoping to make her some clothing. Moving on to a brighter note; I have made two Pack n Play sheets! The theme is  jungle animals (of course) with polka-dots and a matching solid brown with polka-dots.  Please forgive the awful pictures, so need to find my camera.
 These are so cute because they are so little! I just love the way each one has turned out. I will be posting this set of sheets on eBay before the weekend.
 The next sheet is for an Ambi bed and just can't get enough of the Patty Reed jungle babies fabric.
 Have to say making sheets for  baby's bed is really easy and fast. Each sheet takes about 20- 30 minutes from start to finish, it takes me longer because I have to locate my sewing bags for each project.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Gift for new daddy!

So my sister's baby shower is a week away and I just got the baby's name on the blanket. However the father of the child now wants to change it, nice, huh? So I don't know if I should finish sewing the name onto the fleece or wait, but my sister says that's her name. So what should I do? Has anyone ever run into this issue?   On another note, here is his baby gift from me.  I know.... they are having a girl but he is such a broncos fan that even her older sister watches the games every Sunday. Now he has a soft and warm blanket to wrap her up in.
The blanket is made from 1 yard of patterned fleece with blanket binding. I love this binding because it is so soft and silky against the baby's skin. I folded the yard in half so it will be warm enough during football season. Then you place the blanket binding around all the edges and pin in place. Make sure to not make the edges meet at the corner. it is very hard to get the binding to stay just right when you sew. Once everything is pinned sew using a blanket stitch (if your machine has one) or a wide zigzag stitch. Wow! its just that easy and the special daddy won't mind whenever you drop by. ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No sewing or designing makes me very sad.

So life has been very crazy around here! I have not had much time to post or do any sewing, which is so very bad.  I have the general idea of the pleated skirt dress ready and still need to draft the pattern for the skirt. The last two weeks have gone by in a rush of job searches and stressing over student loans which are due here soon. Yikes, the total repayment amount is that of a 3 bedroom apartment in the city. Before the craziness began I was working on the lettering for my sister's baby blanket. They have chosen a long first name with 9 letters. So after printing out the name in different fonts, I have decided to go with white flocked letters against the pink jersey knit. It will look great against the pink fleece, maybe I can get it done tonight.
 Just to refresh your memory, above is the fleece and below is the  pink rib knit.
Here is flocked letters I will be using. And I got them on clearance, YAY!
Now let's see if I can do this without upsetting the two new additions to house. Oh yeah, today my brother drop his dogs off for a couple of weeks why they find a place and move in.