Monday, September 9, 2013

Reuseable Nursing Pads

Got milk? Got spillage? Need these?
After visiting with my new niece, my sister was in need of these nursing pads. She doesn't like having to pay a minimum of $15.00 for a box of disposable  pads, who can blame her? It gets expensive when your maternity leave is not paid. Little sister gets a set of 4 nursing pads. We even went looking around at Baby's r Us for a set of nursing pads and they wanted between 10.00 and 39.99 dollars for their available brands. So she has tried these out and they work wonderfully. My sister can't wait for me to make her a few more nursing pads! I think they will make a great baby shower gift too. I'll post when I get some made up and for sale on eBay. Right now eBay is the cheapest platform for my sewing right now. I am looking forward to setting up an etsy account by the end of the year. Does anyone else have an idea on where to sell? I am on a very tight budget.

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