Tuesday, January 14, 2014

6 pocket pants in Cameo

So sorry about not posting for the entire month of December, but I do have a few things to show off. Lets see the holidays were good, but I'm glad they are over and now the rest of life can go on. After telling about my 2014 new year resolutions, may have stated this before, it is to use every pattern I have collected at least once. This means that things will be up for sale do to sizing. First one is a pair of sweet pants that I made for my son. It is a variation of the 1980's pattern I found and blogged about in November. To my mistake she had no more sweatpants so my daughter got fleece lounge pants in December because we had really cold days. I also made them from the patterns I got in November. (Need to take pictures of her pants once they are out of laundry) Also made myself a t-shirt pattern, will photograph when the neckline is put in from a 1970's pattern. The second resolution is to make more of my own patterns, instead of manipulating store brought patterns. I think these are do able goals and can't wait to blog about them. Here are the new 6 pocket pants in cameo blue. These are not great pictures of the pants, so will take more tomorrow.
Love the skinny legs with the cameo print. Once the pictures send from my email I will get them up here. 

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