Monday, March 31, 2014

Got lots of new projects

Its been a long time, while life has been crazy around here. I have made a little time to create and sew but didn't have much for blogging. So the first project I have been squeezing in is diapers and baby blankets to donate to a United Way baby shower.  Unfortunately I have only two blankets and 3 diapers done so far, its been very crazy around here. There has been a ton of mending to do and projects to finish. To tell you the truth mending is not a favorite thing to do around here. We are trying to reduce our carbon foot print, so blue jeans get mended until they are too small or too holey. If they can, the jeans go to someone else, otherwise they become something new like quilts. A quilted jean skirt would be cute, too.  Well I set a goal at the beginning of the year to make  a pattern a week from my collection. Well I am way behind, however I have made a couple of dresses for my niece. The first one is an pinafore dress in bright neon colors with ruffled edges. The dress needs to have the button holes finished and the panties made. The next dress is a A-line design, with matching panties. Two pairs of capris that have been modified from a zippered waist to elastic. My next few posts with be about these projects, once I get all the pictures taken and uploaded.

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