Monday, April 30, 2012

Creating my dream!

Hey everyone!

My name is Tegan and I am going write about my dream. My dream is to have a children's clothing line and a store front. Fashion has always been an interest in my life, however since having kids, its become very important to find cute clothes that fit into my requirements.  These requirements; age appropriate, simple (but cute, too) and well made, have been a challenge for me to find in the local stores.  I feel that kids should dress as kids and should not be little copies of adults. There is a classic feeling to a simple cut dress for a little girl. With the simple cut one can play with fun fabrics and not lose the sweet girl wearing the dress. I just love the little details within the construction of an outfit that no one really sees but makes a wonderful difference.  So I am working on creating the clothing line Simply Kids for ages 3-10 boys and girls, which I will be posting here.
Simply Kids' shorts blowing in the breeze
Shorts are sized 3 and 7 with 2 different pocket styles

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