Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Firefighter shorts for a Cool Boy!

Hey everyone!

So today I am working on sewing some more shorts for little boys. I found this great fabric (at Walmart of all places!) with blocked print of words and firefighter related pictures. It makes awesome shorts for a fun little boy who loves all things that go. I haven't had a chance to get back to finishing the shorts, but it will be done by the end of my very late night. Then I will post a finished picture. The color scheme in the fabric gives the wearer a good number of shirt choices. This is a great way to teach kids about color coordinating without  being too match-y- match-y ( as my son does not like to match at all).
unfinished firefighter shorts sized 7 
This is a close-up of the pocket detail, after the waistband is folded down he will have a nice deep pocket within reach. I will be working with the design on the next pair so it aligns within the seams. It should be a fun and interesting challenge, as I haven't really worried about. But as I look at the shorts I think it would really cool to see words and pictures continue over the seams.

Pocket up close
 To get back to the business end of my creative designing, this pair of shorts is for my son to wear to school. I think this is a good way to get my name out there. I am starting small due to a big fear of being a failure. I need to work on getting over that issue, because not doing my business would be a failure too. So I have a few ideas for starting locations, kinda like a garage sale type setup. I'm going to ask if I can have a "yard sale" like sale in the local business's parking lot. I am estimating that I will be ready for this step by the end of the month (maybe even sooner!) Here's to making a profit!
(PS I love spell check! After a long day it is greatly needed.)

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