Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just a quick note!

Since I haven't posted lately I thought I'd talk about a dress I am designing. This dress came about from one of my projects for fashion design class. The original design is for an adult, which I hope to make later down the line.  Okay I'll have to post a picture of both designs tonight after the kids are in bed, mainly because I need to find them (the pictures not the kids:)). Well the design is similar to a pinafore dress however this one has a built in bustle. The bustle allows the underskirt to push out from under the top skirt. With this design the under dress is only seen from the back. The original dress the over skirt attaches with a invisible zipper, so I am working to incorporate that feature in the child's dress. I have two sets of fabric picked out for this design. These fabrics are neon colors and very bright, just not in the pictures. The child's dress will have a full bodice without sleeves. I am still deciding on a sweetheart neckline or a rounded one. I will have a mock up done by this weekend  as long as every goes as planned.
The fabrics are brighter then in the picture.
The top fabric has neon colors in it.

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