Monday, March 11, 2013

Luggage tags for under 5 dollars a set!

This post has been sitting as a draft for too long!

It was a great flight and my kids did wonderfully on the plane. It was their first time flying and the people in the rows with us were very impressed.  I just want to give an update to my tags for luggage post. The tags stayed on the bags and made it easier to find in a sea of red suitcases. If you are traveling anytime soon, I recommend making a set of your own tags.  The pattern is very easy just cutout the shape and size you want or need in fabric and thin cardboard. The cardboard helps maintain the shape and if you want to fold the tag in half to cover your info.  The following is brief instructions on assembling the tag.
1. Cutout  2 layers of fabric and 1 thin cardboard (cut it out smaller then the fabric) in any shape you like- rectangle, circle, square or triangle. I made mine at least 3inches long for rectangle and 3 inches in diameter for the circle.
2. Place cardboard between the two layers of fabric (pattern sides facing out) and zigzag stitch around the edges to secure all 3 layers. Use cardboard from soda or food boxes, its thin enough for your needle to go through and not break off.
3. Cut out a piece of paper to the desired size and sew or glue onto to fabric.
4. Fill in desired information and cover with clear packing tape to protect from rain or snow.
For those who don't have a fabric stash, the fat quarters from Wal Mart make 2-4 tags depending on your desired size. I only needed 6 tags so I'm not sure on the exact amount from the fat quarter. I also had some fabric laying around that I used.

Update, see my post on Tags for Luggage for pictures. :)

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