Monday, May 20, 2013

Sewing question? Rib Knit Bias tape cut on grain or bias?

Have a sewing question for anyone, I am putting pink rib knit bias tape around the edges of a pink and white polka dot piece of fleece.  My question is do I cut the rib knit on the bias which is not as stretchy or on straight grain which is very stretchy? I know when you make bias tape from woven cotton it is cut on the bias for the stretch, however rib knit is stretchy on the straight grain. So how do I this? I only have one piece of the pink rib knit as it was the leftovers.
Stretched on the straight grain
Stretched on the bias



  1. So I decided to cut the rib knit on the bias because it does not need to stretch around the blanket, plus I wanted the ribs to go the same direction.

  2. So I finally sewed the binding to the fleece and it looks pretty good. I'll post tomorrow, tonight it's off to do the dishes.

  3. I did finish the blanket but not until are before my new niece was born. So I don't have the blanket to show everyone. :(