Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Box pleated skirt!

Here is my first box pleated skirt, I just like the way it fits my daughter and can't wait to make one for my niece. I found this pattern on the site called and it is free if you want to give it a try. I was having a hard time getting my pleated design to work, so I went looking for one to make to figure out what I am doing wrong. For her pattern you have to cut each piece and sew them together to make the pleats. For my pattern I was not making my pleat uniform in size, so I kept messing it up. When you have an impatient daughter it can get a little stressful. ( This could be why I sew when they are asleep or not around me.)
 I love her pattern but not the waist band, so I changed it. Instead of a thin elastic waist band, I had a ex-large elastic skirt band laying around..... Well I loved that look. I will take better pictures when I get a chance tomorrow, after I finish with work. I have a temp job taking care of some really great kids. I'll miss spending time with them once school starts.

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