Monday, July 8, 2013

Gift for new daddy!

So my sister's baby shower is a week away and I just got the baby's name on the blanket. However the father of the child now wants to change it, nice, huh? So I don't know if I should finish sewing the name onto the fleece or wait, but my sister says that's her name. So what should I do? Has anyone ever run into this issue?   On another note, here is his baby gift from me.  I know.... they are having a girl but he is such a broncos fan that even her older sister watches the games every Sunday. Now he has a soft and warm blanket to wrap her up in.
The blanket is made from 1 yard of patterned fleece with blanket binding. I love this binding because it is so soft and silky against the baby's skin. I folded the yard in half so it will be warm enough during football season. Then you place the blanket binding around all the edges and pin in place. Make sure to not make the edges meet at the corner. it is very hard to get the binding to stay just right when you sew. Once everything is pinned sew using a blanket stitch (if your machine has one) or a wide zigzag stitch. Wow! its just that easy and the special daddy won't mind whenever you drop by. ;)

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